Reading and Writing (Literacy)

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Literacy is your ability to read and write. These skills are important for school, at work, and at home. Speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, can help you learn to read and write.

You start to learn language as a baby. You learn how to say sounds and put them together to make words. You learn to use words to tell people what you think and how you feel. These early speech and language skills help you learn to read and write.

Does your child have speech or language problems? They may have trouble learning to read and write. This can make it hard to do well in school.

Adults can have problems reading and writing, too. You may have had trouble as a child and still not read and write well. Or, you may start to have problems reading and writing after a stroke or brain injury.

An SLP works with children and adults who have trouble reading and writing. The SLP can test speech, language, and literacy skills and find ways to help you or your child improve. The SLP can work with your child’s teacher to make it easier for them to learn in school. The SLP can also help you learn and use reading and writing skills—as well as strategies that you can use both at home and at work.

Reading and writing can be hard, but help is available.

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