Support Services for Adults

Hearing rehabilitation is the process of providing training and treatment to deaf and hard of hearing persons to improve their listening and understanding of sounds. This process (also known as auditory or audiologic rehab) can include the use of hearing aids, hearing assistive technologies, and other strategies to support communication.

Hearing rehabilitation services focus on:

  • Adjusting to your hearing loss
  • Making the best use of your hearing aids
  • Troubleshooting problems with your hearing aid
  • Exploring hearing assistive devices that might help
  • Managing conversations in difficult listening environments
  • Taking charge of your communication

To learn more about available services, please visit our Hearing Rehabilitation page.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides for accommodations for people with hearing loss. The ADA’s provisions cover the workplace and public meeting places, such as hospitals, courtrooms, and places of worship.

Support Groups

You are not the only one with a hearing loss. Joining a support group will give you the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. How do they handle traveling, meetings, appointments, going to the hospital, telephone conversations, hearing in theaters, and difficult family members or work associates? Have they used assistive listening devices? What has worked? Support groups are excellent forums for problem solving and mutual support. They are also good for your sense of humor—an essential ingredient for coping with a hearing loss!

There are national support groups for people with hearing loss. The groups below also have local chapters.

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