Legislating Health Plan Coverage for Hearing Aids for Children, Cognitive Rehabilitation, and Autism Related Services


This site contains information and supporting documents on how to pursue legislative advocacy for improving coverage of hearing aids, cognitive rehabilitation, and autism related services in health plans. Links to sample bills with descriptive language are included.

Advocating to legislators at the state and federal level can be an important strategy for ensuring coverage of speech-language pathology and audiology services. Consideration should be given to the importance of the issue as seen by consumers and clinicians, and the likelihood of action.

Once you establish a coverage goal, the challenge is to build a credible and substantive relationship with elected officials and their staffs. Contacts may be ongoing and involve a number of visits with a legislator or a legislative subcommittee. You may be involved in affecting the direction of a piece of legislation, from its initiation to its enactment. You may have opportunities to provide information and data for lawmakers and regulators to make informed decisions, and you may even provide testimony. Elected officials may begin to seek your comments on emerging healthcare policies.

Use the following information to assist in legislative efforts in your state that aim to improve coverage of hearing aids, cognitive rehabilitation, and autism related services.

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