An Introduction to the Series of Coding, Reimbursement, and Advocacy Modules


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An introduction to coding, reimbursement, and advocacy by ASHA's Health Care Economics Committee, Government Relations and Public Policy Board, and School Finance Committee.

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One of the objectives of ASHA's Health Care Economics Committee is to educate members and students regarding the requirements for billing third party payers. In order to address the needs of students the committee prepared a number of online modules regarding basic concepts in billing and coding.

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ASHA's Government Relations and Public Policy Board saw a need to educate students and new members on advocating for the professions. Likewise, ASHA's School Finance Committee wanted to educate students and new members, especially those in school-based practices, on how school funding works and how members can advocate for themselves and their students in the workplace.

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The first two modules cover the two major coding systems used in billing—those for procedure coding and those for diagnostic coding.

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The next two modules introduce documentation requirements for health care settings. One program relates to speech-language pathology services and the other to audiology.

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The final two coding and reimbursement modules relate coding, documentation, and additional reimbursement reporting requirements directly to each of the professions.

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Module seven was developed by ASHA's Government Relations and Public Policy Board. The components of this presentation include grassroots, legislative, and regulatory advocacy. You will also find useful steps to help you become an advocate.

Module eight was developed by ASHA's School Finance Committee. It provides a background for funding and advocacy for school-based audiology and speech-language pathology services.

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The coding and reimbursement modules were created so that those who complete the series will be able to identify the appropriate procedure and billing codes from which to choose for a particular patient and describe the documentation requirements for payment.

By completing the "Advocating for our Professions" module, you will have increased knowledge of advocacy and a greater understanding of how you can make a difference for the professions and the clients we serve.

Completion of the "School Finance" module should help anyone who is considering working in schools. This material should provide a good foundation for understanding school funding.

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A number of online resources are included in the modules. An example is the ASHA billing and reimbursement site created and maintained by ASHA's Health Care Economics and Advocacy team.
Two other online resources include ASHA's main Advocacy page and the school funding page.

The goal of the modules is to provide you with a useful resource.

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At this time please proceed to Module One on Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)

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