Module 1: What Is Dynamic Assessment?

Dynamic assessment (DA) is often proposed as an alternative assessment approach. But what is DA? Is any process-based approach considered DA? How does DA differ from other approaches?

Dynamic assessment is an evaluation method used to identify an individual’s skills as well as their learning potential. DA emphasizes the learning process and accounts for the amount and nature of examiner investment. It is highly interactive and process oriented. DA also helps to better differentiate speech-language differences and disorders. From pre to post session, evaluators consider the efforts for modifiability and changes. Individuals able to make change are likely to have language differences, whereas those unable to make change are more likely to have a language disorder.

This course will teach you how to

  • identify and describe DA in contrast to standardized assessment, response to intervention, and observation and
  • identify possible targets for DA.

This course is available for CE credit (ASHA CEUs or professional development hours) as part of the ASHA Learning Pass or for a la carte purchase.


PowerPoint Slides [PDF]

Activity [PDF]


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