"Not Current" Certification Status

Annually, on April 1, certificate holders who have not met deadlines for earning and/or reporting professional development hours (PDHs, formerly certification maintenance hours or CMHs) or paying annual dues/fees will have their certification status changed to "Not Current." This designation helps the public identify certificate holders who have not complied with certification maintenance requirements.

Certificate holders face several restrictions while their certification is Not Current:

  • They cannot use the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) credential (CCC-SLP, CCC-A, or CCC-A/SLP).
  • Their certification is listed publicly as "CCC Not Current" to anyone requesting ASHA certification verification.
  • Clinical hours that students earn under the Not Current certificate holder's supervision cannot be used toward ASHA certification requirements.
  • Any portion of a clinical fellowship done under this individual's mentorship cannot be used towards ASHA certification requirements.

To avoid expiration of certification, Not Current certificate holders have until August 31 annually to meet certification maintenance requirements. Individuals who meet the certification maintenance requirements by August 31 will have no break in the certification history and all supervision/mentor hours will be accepted for purposes of ASHA certification. However, if the certification maintenance requirements are not met and are not reported to the certification department by August 31, individuals will have to meet reinstatement requirements in order to regain the CCC.

Meeting Certification Maintenance Requirements

  • Certificate holders who are Not Current for only non-payment of annual dues/fees must pay dues/fees by August 31 to complete their certification maintenance requirement for the current year.
  • Certificate holders who are Not Current for not earning and/or not reporting PDHs must
    • complete and submit a Certification Maintenance Compliance Form;
    • complete and submit a Record Keeping Form;
    • submit any required audit materials;
    • answer certification disclosure questions and provide documentation to the Board of Ethics, if requested; and
    • pay any outstanding annual dues/fees.

Not Current Status for 2021–2023 Interval

If you are a Not Current certificate holder who has not earned at least 30 PDHs between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2023, you have until August 31, 2024, to earn and report additional hours.

Not Current certificate holders, who have yet to earn and/or report PDHs, must login to their ASHA My Account by August 31, 2024, to

  1. submit a Certification Maintenance Compliance Form and
  2. submit a Record Keeping Form.


Please contact the Action Center at 800-498-2071, or send an email to cccmaintenance@asha.org.

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