Certification Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions: Maintenance Audit

What is the certification maintenance audit?

The audit is a random evaluation of an individual's certification maintenance records. ASHA conducts random audits of certificate holders, who then are required to provide documentation of the earning of their 30 professional development hours (PDHs). The audit is used to verify compliance of the certification maintenance standards in both audiology and speech-language pathology, which state that certificate holders must demonstrate continued professional development for maintenance of the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC).

How will I be notified if I am selected for the maintenance audit?

If you were selected for the maintenance audit, you will receive notification immediately after submitting your online Certification Maintenance Compliance Form. If you submit your Compliance Form via postal mail or fax, notification of audit selection will be sent to you via e-mail.

Why have I been selected for the maintenance audit?

Individuals are randomly selected to be a part of the maintenance audit upon submission of their Compliance Form; however, individuals who request a certification maintenance extension are audited for the maintenance interval for which the extension is granted, as well as the next interval.

What documentation will I need to provide if I am selected for the maintenance audit?

Individuals who do not participate in the ASHA CE Registry program, or who do participate but have less than 30 hours on the Registry, are required to maintain records of their professional development activities. If you are selected for the maintenance audit, you will be required to submit the following documentation to the ASHA National Office:

When should I submit the certificate(s) of participation that I received?

Once you submit your Compliance Form, ASHA will notify you if you have been randomly selected for audit; only at that time will you need to submit your documentation of participation. Please do not send your documentation to ASHA with or prior to submitting your Compliance Form—we cannot keep track of your PDHs, and the documents will be discarded. You are encouraged to keep copies of all documentation for your personal files.

Once I'm notified that I have been selected for the maintenance audit, how long will I have to submit the required documentation in order to successfully pass?

If you are selected for the maintenance audit, you will have 60 days to provide the required documentation listed above. Once ASHA receives this documentation, you will be notified by e-mail of your certification maintenance status.

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