How to Develop a Cooperative Offering

  1. Identify an ASHA Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider by looking at the provider listing. Providers who engage in cooperative agreements have an orange box that says “Cooperative” located to the right of the organizational information. Approach the Provider with your proposed course ideas.
    Note: ASHA Approved CE Providers enter into cooperative agreements at their own discretion and may charge your organization an additional fee for their administrative services.
  2. Contact ASHA Approved CE Provider to discuss and sign a Cooperative Agreement that lays out expectations and responsibilities, ensures that the CE Administrator of the Approved Provider has the level of access they need to ensure compliance, and determines how fees and other financial considerations will be addressed.
  3. Provide the ASHA Approved Provider with the information to meet ASHA requirements (i.e., needs assessment, course agenda, learning outcomes, speaker disclosures). It is important that you meet all deadlines. If materials are late, ASHA will require that the course be appealed; doing so will delay registration, and you may be charged additional fees.
  4. Submit required materials [PDF] related to your course to the Approved Provider. Provide the required materials related to your course (as instructed by the ASHA Approved CE Provider) in time to ensure that the Approved Provider can meet ASHA's required timelines.
  5. Contact the Approved Provider to arrange payment of cooperative fees (see fee schedule). The Approved Provider must submit the course registration materials and cooperative fee(s) to the ASHA CE Registry at the same time of registration.
  6. Obtain the ASHA CE Brand Block from the ASHA Approved CE Provider. Display the ASHA CE Brand Block and required course information (instructional level and ASHA CEU amount) in your cooperative course’s promotional materials The ASHA CE website outlines all of the requirements for promotional materials.
  7. Coordinate with the Provider on a mechanism for collecting the required information (ASHA ID number, first name, last name, mailing and email addresses and ASHA CEUs to be awarded) from individuals who successfully complete the course and request to earn ASHA CEUs. After 3/31/2023, we will no longer accept reporting submitted using ASHA CEU paper participant forms (bubble sheets) received via mail or fax.
  8. Provide required learner information to ASHA Approved CE Provider according to the stipulated deadlines that the Provider has proposed.
    Note: ASHA Approved CE Providers are required by the ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) to turn in post course materials no later than 45 days after the course is completed, or financial penalties apply.

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