How to Develop a Cooperative Offering

  • Identify an ASHA Approved CE Provider in your geographical region. Approach the Provider with your proposed course. Note: ASHA Approved CE Providers enter into cooperative agreements at their own discretion and may charge your organization an additional fee for their administrative services.
  • Contact the Approved Provider early in the course development process. Keep in mind that ASHA Approved CE Providers must have active involvement in planning, promoting, implementing, evaluating, and reporting the course, either onsite or by telephone and/or mail.
  • Submit required materials [PDF] related to your course to the Approved Provider. Provide the required materials related to your course (as instructed by the ASHA Approved CE Provider) in time to ensure that the Approved Provider can meet ASHA's required timelines.
  • Contact the Approved Provider to arrange payment of cooperative fees (see fee schedule). Approved Provider must submit to the ASHA CE Registry the course registration materials and cooperative fee(s) at the same time.
  • Obtain the ASHA CE Brand Block  from the ASHA Approved CE Provider. Display the ASHA CE Brand Block and ASHA CEU sentence  in your cooperative course's promotional materials.
  • Request ASHA CEU Participant Forms from the ASHA Approved CE Provider a minimum of 3 weeks before your course.
  • Provide completed ASHA CEU Participant Forms to the ASHA Approved CE Provider according to the deadlines they have stipulated. Note: ASHA Approved CE Providers are required by the ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) to turn in post course materials no more than 45 days after the course is completed.

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