Activities for Which ASHA CEUs are Not Intended

The following activities are not intended for ASHA CEUs. While these activities may be judged worthwhile learning experiences, they do not meet the criteria established for the CEU by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) nor do they meet the requirements of the ASHA CEB to qualify as activities to be offered for ASHA CEUs.

Association membership and leadership activities. Holding membership or serving in some leadership capacity in an association or society does not qualify.

Committee/board meetings. Participation in committee or board meetings or activities does not qualify.

Business meetings. Meetings to discuss business, make policy, develop procedures, discuss association/organizational management, develop long-range plans, etc., do not qualify.

Some meetings, conventions, exhibitions. Meetings, conventions, and exhibitions that attract large numbers of participants, involve different activities, and are conducted primarily for information-sharing purposes generally do not qualify for CEUs. Planned learning activities within such events that meet the CEB requirements are eligible for CEUs.

Work experience. On-the-job training and other work experience does not qualify for CEUs unless the work experience is structured as part of a planned and supervised continuing education experience that meets the CEB requirements. To be considered continuing education and be eligible for ASHA CEUs, the activity content and learning outcomes must be related to the sciences as they pertain to speech-language pathology, audiology, speech/language/hearing sciences, and/or the contemporary practice of speech-language pathology and audiology. Activity content and level must be beyond that required for initial certification by ASHA in the professions and contribute to the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

Entertainment and recreation. Attendance at cultural performances, or at entertainment or recreational activities does not qualify unless these events are an integral part of a planned activity that meets the CEB requirements.

Travel. Travel or participation in a travel study program does not qualify, unless the educational component of the travel study program meets the CEB requirements.

Unsupervised study. Individual, self-paced study, or other form of independent learning experience not planned, directed, and supervised by an ASHA Approved CE Provider does not qualify.

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