Marketing and Promoting Audiology Professional Services

Marketing and promoting your audiology practice is an ongoing endeavor that needs to be continuously evaluated and coordinated with clinic growth and changing business models.

  • Advertising is only one part of a practice's promotional marketing plan and is used to communicate information to a select group or market about your services.
  • Public relations activities are another aspect of marketing. Open houses, health fairs, civic group presentations, Better Hearing and Speech Month programs, and lunch-and-learn seminars are public relations events that offer visibility of your services.
  • Marketing to primary care practitioners (PCPs), the "medical home," will become more critical as health care reform may change the referral sources. PCPs include physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. This marketing to referral sources is funneled through the front office staff where PCPs work, so it is important to consider the former in the marketing plan.
  • Maintaining internal marketing to your current patients (via patient newsletters, for example) is also an important activity to promote your services and products. Social media is a means of broadcast communication where you can reach a lot of people for comparatively smaller investments of time, money, and labor. Developing and updating your webpage, Facebook page, and blog are critical to ensure you are valued as a professional service provider.

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