Vice President for Planning


3 years

Essential Duties

In addition to the essential duties required for all BOD members, the Vice President for Planning is charged with the following tasks:

  • Help ensure the process of forward planning for the Association, including development and implementation of the Association’s Strategic Pathway to Excellence (strategic plan)
  • Help ensure the identification of trends that will impact the professions and the Association
  • Support the infusion of multicultural issues and populations in ASHA’s program planning
  • Present a summary of progress toward implementation of ASHA’s Strategic Pathway to Excellence at quarterly BOD meetings
  • Review reports of various operations and activities of the Association to help ensure compliance with ASHA’s Strategic Pathway to Excellence
  • Help ensure alignment of the Association’s budget with the Strategic Pathway to Excellence
  • Help ensure the performance of the Association in achieving its mission

ASHA Standing Committees, Boards, and Councils

The Vice President for Planning is the BOD liaison to the following ASHA standing Committees, Boards, and Councils (CBCs):

Essential Experiences/Expertise/Skills

In addition to the Experience/Expertise/Skills essential for all BOD members, the Vice President for Planning requires the following:

  • Experience with strategic planning in an organization and/or professional setting (e.g., academic institution, nonprofit organization)
  • Familiarity with, and commitment to, multicultural and international issues, including diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Ability to interact effectively with diverse and international committee members

Time Commitment (excluding travel)

  • Weekly (routine tasks, emails, and voting): 4–6 hours
  • Monthly (CBC work and BOD virtual conferencing): 8–10 hours
  • Quarterly (meeting prep and attendance): 3–5 days

ASHA Corporate Partners