ASHA's Value

ASHA Makes a Difference


  • Nationally recognized certification is easily transferred, is a proven record of professional achievement to academia, government, patients, and consumers. The CCC provides employment opportunities, professional credibility, career advancement, and serves to facilitate the licensure process.

Research and Trends

  • Access to the latest scientific information through four, peer-reviewed journals, with advanced online searching capabilities, a complete archive dating back to the first journal in 1936, and new features such as audio and video files that can accompany articles now that the journals will be exclusively online in 2010.
  • Focus on evidence-based practice. You can expect to improve treatment outcomes through a wide array of evidence-based resources and tools that catalog the effectiveness of clinical approaches to support decision making and advocacy efforts.
  • The latest news and clinical information. You can stay current about recent trends and issues in our professions through access to The ASHA Leader and numerous online newsletters. Audiologists and speech-language pathologists overwhelmingly rank The ASHA Leader highly as a communications source.
  • Thousands of pages of online resources available at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at ASHA's robust website provides every member with instant access to up-to-date information on hundreds of topics. ASHA's website is constantly updated and new materials are added every day.

Advocacy and Leadership

  • A proven track record on Capitol Hill. The interests of the professions are represented and advocated to federal regulators and legislators. This ensures that public and private insurers properly reimburse our services and that new capabilities of our members are recognized and rewarded.
  • Raising the positive image of audiologists and speech-language pathologists in society. ASHA's numerous public information efforts reach millions of consumers each year, and almost a third of the visitors to ASHA's website are from the public.
  • An opportunity to be a leader. Our Association is a member-governed, member-centric organization. Members who get involved in ASHA committees and boards develop leadership skills that translate into enhanced job performance and personal growth. Volunteer leaders consistently report that their leadership skills were enhanced through their involvement with ASHA.


  • Rigorous academic standards. You can be sure that programs designed to prepare incoming professionals maintain a high level of academic quality. ASHA's accreditation program, administered by the Council of Academic Accreditation, helps make sure that the strength and integrity of your degree will be recognized and maintained.
  • Commitment to ethical standards. ASHA is a leader in establishing and enforcing ethical standards for audiology and speech-language pathology to protect the reputation and integrity of the professions and help ensure the welfare of those served.

Network of Experts

  • Access to professional consultations with staff experts. Staff experts are available through the Action Center with the latest information on topics ranging from the latest practice trends to changes in government regulations.
  • Marketing expertise and support. You have access to a wide range of materials to market our professions to your constituents. These are meticulously researched, professionally produced and frequently updated materials, in a variety of formats.
  • A built-in network of thousands of colleagues, researchers, and leaders in audiology and speech-language pathology through ASHA's Special Interest Groups, ASHA Community, and conferences. And ASHA is very active in social media—the association now tweets on X and maintains a Facebook page with more than 77,000 fans.


Continuing Education

  • Professional development opportunities that cover hundreds of topics of interest to our professions. Whether it's ASHA webinars, online tools, packaged courses, books, virtual conferences, videos, CDs, mini-seminars, webcasts, focused conventions, the national convention, or thousands of additional courses through our network of CE providers, membership in ASHA means access to continuing education.

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