Benefits of ASHA Certification

To the Certificate Holder

Holding ASHA Certification offers increased opportunities for employment, mobility, career advancement, professional credibility, and more, because it is recognized by nearly every state's regulatory agency.

To Others

The Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) validates and provides assurance to consumers and clients; other health care professionals; and employers, state licensure boards, and third-party payers, that through participation in continuous professional development activities they can be confident certificate holders are keeping up with rapid changes in the professions' scopes of practice.

What ASHA Certification Can Do For You

Employment opportunities and career advancement

  • A number of states and school districts throughout the country offer salary supplements to ASHA-certified audiologists and speech-language pathologists. (Your colleagues who are not certified will not be eligible for a salary supplement, if offered.)
  • Your employer can be sure you will be reimbursed for your services because many federal programs base their requirements for reimbursement on the ASHA Standards for Clinical Competence.
  • ASHA certification means you are qualified to mentor Clinical Fellows.

Ease the process of applying for state licensure

When you relocate to another state to practice, you may not be required to provide copies of test scores, academic degree, or supervised clinical experience.

Professional Credibility

ASHA certification verifies that you have met rigorous standards:

  • A master's or doctoral degree from an accredited academic program.
  • A clinical experience supervised by an ASHA-certified professional.
  • A passing score on the national examination.

ASHA certification is voluntary. Employers, regulatory bodies, third party payers, clients and peers know that you have gone beyond the minimum requirement of state licensure. Clients and their families have the assurance that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide high quality clinical services for them and their family members. Employers, clients, and peers know that you actively engage in ongoing professional development.

How to Get Certified

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