Available Options for Surveying ASHA and NSSLHA Members for Research Purposes

This page describes available means for students and faculty who are interested in surveying members and/or affiliates of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA). Email addresses are not available for sale.

All requests for participation in student or faculty research projects must clearly identify the project sponsor. You may not include any information to the effect that your research project is under the sponsorship of ASHA or NSSLHA.

Postal Mailing Addresses

You may purchase a mailing list of ASHA or NSSLHA members. Lists are available by job function, area of expertise, languages spoken, and so forth. This is the most robust option for obtaining a random sample of the intended survey population. Information about purchasing mailing lists is available on our marketing website.

Postings on the ASHA Community Site

ASHA members may post messages on the  ASHA Community site inviting members to participate in survey research projects. Messages must be posted directly into community discussions; no bulk private messaging. You may embed a link to the survey in your discussion post, or you may provide an email address in your message so interested participants can contact you.

Use of ASHA's Special Interest Groups

As a benefit of belonging to the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), affiliates of SIGs may post a message to their respective SIG Online Community site, inviting other affiliates to participate in their survey research projects. Consistent with the guideline for posting to the general ASHA Community Site, a link to the survey may be embedded in the posted message or you may provide an email address through which you may be contacted. You may not include any information to the effect that your research project is under the sponsorship of ASHA.

If you are not affiliated with the SIGs, then ASHA members or National NSSLHA members may contact the coordinator or ex officio of a specific SIG to request that a link to surveys of topical interest be considered for posting on the SIG Community sites. Contact information can be found in the Membership Directory. Permission to post is at the discretion of the SIG leadership. For more information, contact the Special Interest Groups Unit at SIGs@asha.org.

If you are not an ASHA or National NSSLHA member, please see the postal mailing information above or contact the Surveys and Analysis Unit at data@asha.org

Important Note on Self-Selection Bias

Member postings on the ASHA Community site, ASHA and NSSLHA Facebook pages, and SIG Online Community sites introduce a self-selection bias into the research process. Results obtained through these means likely are not representative of the intended population. Any reporting of results gathered through these venues should include a careful discussion of the sample limitations of the study.

ASHA’s Surveys and Analysis Unit serves as a clearinghouse for all Association data collection projects and welcomes the opportunity to assist you in locating any existing information that may be of interest to you. Results of our biennial Schools, SLP Health Care, Audiology, and Membership surveys are available on the ASHA website under the heading "ASHA Survey Reports." You also may contact the Surveys and Analysis Unit at data@asha.org.

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