Student Loan and Refinancing Information

In response to questions about student loans and student loan refinancing, listed below are outside sources that can provide unbiased information. 

Applying for a Student Loan

Finding Financial Aid
ASHA has information about financial aid and funding opportunities.

Federal Student Aid: An Office of the U.S. Department of Education
The U.S. Department of Education has a number of resources about student loans, loan forgiveness, and loan repayment.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's website contains information on student loans and repaying your student debt, as well as a way to submit a student loan complaint. 

Federal Reserve Bank Loan Calculator
This loan calculator can help you figure out the return on investment for your student loans.

Repaying Your Student Loan

Once you have graduated, the focus turns to repaying your student loans. 

Federal Student Aid: How to Repay Your Loans
U.S. Department of Education website on how to managed federal student loan debt.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Repay Student Debt
Information and advice on how to pay off student loans, whether federal, private, or both.

Loan Forgiveness

Some ASHA members might be eligible for student loan forgiveness. These links can help you determine if you are eligible and the requirements to maintain your eligibility:

Loan Refinancing

Another option to reduce your debt if you aren’t eligible for student loan forgiveness is student loan refinancing.

Federal Student Aid: Loan Consolidation
oan consolidation is combining multiple loans into one loan for easier management and a possible cost savings.

FinAid: Loan Consolidation Calculator
FinAid was established in 1994 as a comprehensive source of student financial aid information, advice, and tools.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Should I Refinance My Student Loan?
Blog post on refinancing federal student loan debt. 

Co-signing a Student Loan

Some ASHA members might decide to help a family member with their student loans and decide to co-sign a loan. Here is information to keep in mind:

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Consumer Advisory
Blog post on surprise loan defaults and co-signer releases.

Advantage Credit Counseling Service: The Big Risks of Cosigning for Student Loans
Advantage is a non-profit that offers free credit counselling and education. It is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

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