Contacting ASHA Members

There are a variety of ways you can connect with and contact members and affiliates of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Please note that e-mail addresses are not available for sale.

Physical Mailing Addresses

You may purchase a list of names and addresses to conduct a mailing to ASHA or NSSHLA members. ASHA and NSSLHA represent more than 100,000 speech-language pathologists, 10,000 audiologists, and 10,000 students. You can reach them where they live and work with your catalogs, flyers, samples, surveys, or personalized letters. Each list is custom made to your specifications. We have over 100 available categories for you to use to specify your target market. Information about purchasing mailing lists is available online.

Member Directory

ASHA members and affiliates may search for individual members in the Online Directory on the ASHA Community site. The ASHA Community and Online Directory are also available through a custom mobile app. Members control the information that they make available through the directory. ASHA will not override those privacy controls. There is a private message feature available for contacting members that have withheld contact information and still want to be contacted.


There are a variety of specific options for students and faculty who are interested in surveying members and affiliates of ASHA. ASHA's Surveys and Analysis Unit serves as a clearinghouse for all Association data collection projects and welcomes the opportunity to assist you in locating any existing information that may be of interest to you.

ASHA Marketing Solutions

If you have a product, seminar, job opportunity, or any other reason to reach our members; check out the ASHA Marketing Solutions web site. ASHA offers a wide variety of marketing opportunities to help you reach professionals and students in the speech, language, and hearing markets. Explore our events, digital and print advertising, sponsorship program, and mailing list options.

ASHA Corporate Partners