Temporary Pause on New SIGs

ASHA’s Special Interest Group (SIG) program has proven to be valued and popular with ASHA and National NSSLHA members. Key to this success has been the availability of staff and IT support, without which members would not be able to fully benefit from joining a SIG. However, the support has quantifiable limits, and would not be available if more SIGs were added to the 20 that already exist.

Consequently, the formation of new SIGs is being temporarily paused at least through 2024. During this time, the ASHA Board of Directors (BOD) and other key stakeholders, including SIG leadership, will review the program. As the SIG program has not been reviewed for more than a decade, it is timely that the program be re-examined now to ensure the objectives, benefits, and offerings, are optimizing member value and will be sustainable well into the next decade. The BOD will consider proposals for new SIGs that are in keeping with the outcomes of the review.

We understand some members may find the pause disappointing. We believe the review represents a much needed and crucial step toward having a SIG program that continues to provide value and has the capacity to grow in the long term.

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