SIG Volunteers

Special Interest Group (SIG) volunteers are responsible for working together to plan and coordinate the annual activities of the SIG.

How to Volunteer With the SIGs

There are several ways to volunteer with the SIGs. Some positions are elected, some are appointed based on experience and expertise, and others are open to interested SIG affiliates.

SIG Coordinating Committees

Each SIG is led by a six-to-seven member Coordinating Committee (CC), which is responsible for leading the activities of the SIG and ensuring the SIG operates within established progrommatic guidelines. The table below outlines the composition of the CCs, how the positions are filled, and the number of positions available on each SIG's CC.

Position How is the position filled? Number of Positions Available per CC
Member-at-Large* Elected by plurality vote of SIG affiliates 3 or 4
Editor Appointed by the Perspectives Editor-in-Chief 1
Professional Development Manager (PDM) Appointed by the CC 1
Ex Officio (staff liaison) Appointed by the ASHA CEO 1
*Note: Each SIG CC identifies which Members-at-Large will serve as the Coordinator and Associate Coordinator of the CC. More information about how the Coordinator and Associate Coordinators are selected and their terms is available in the SIG Volunteer Handbook [PDF].

SIG Elections
SIG Affiliates, vote for the next SIG volunteer leaders and help decide who should lead the annual activities of your SIG. Voting opens May 8 at 10:00 a.m. ET and closes June 12 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Professional Development Committees

Each SIG uses a Professional Development Committee (PDC) to identify the continuing education (CE) needs of SIG affiliates and assist in designing SIG-sponsored professional education projects.

Position How is the position filled? Number of Positions available on the PDC
Professional Development Manager (Chair) Appointed by the CC 1
Editor Appointed by the Perspectives Editor-in-Chief 1
Professional Development Committee Member Varies by SIG; Any SIG Affiliate who is not a member of the CC is eligible to serve. Varies
Continuing Education (CE) Content Manager  Appointed by the CC 1 (Optional)

Other SIG Volunteer Opportunities

Editorial Board Member

Editorial Board members review submissions to Perspectives. They are invited to join the Perspectives Editorial Board by an Editor-in-Chief.

More information about the SIG volunteer positions can be found in the SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook [PDF].

Looking for information about current volunteer opportunites for a specific SIG and/or position? Email

Resources for Current SIG Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering with ASHA's Special Interest Groups (SIGs)! Please use the links below to learn more about your role as a member of a SIG Coordinating Committee.

SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook [PDF]
A handbook and operational guideline document for the volunteer leaders of the SIGs.

SIG Volunteer Resources
A comprehensive resource page on the SIG Coordinating Committee HUB Community with links to the SIG Leadership Communities, reference documents, and more.

Tip: You must log into your ASHA Community account to view the SIG Volunteer Resources page. Only SIG Coordinating Committee members with access to the HUB Community can view this page.

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