About Special Interest Group 4, Fluency and Fluency Disorders


The ASHA SIG on Fluency and Fluency Disorders is a nationally recognized authority providing evidence-based education and resources to help speech-language pathologists achieve excellence in assessment and intervention for people with fluency disorders across the lifespan. 


  • To provide speech-language pathologists with evidence-based resources and education that (a) facilitate understanding of fluency disorders and (b) promote accurate and effective intervention for people with fluency disorders.
  • To support new and ongoing research on the nature, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of fluency disorders.
  • To have a positive impact on the quality of life for people with fluency disorders through advocacy and public education.

Study and Professional Issues

Study Issues

  • Defining, identifying, and measuring fluency disorders 
  • Research needs and methodologies for basic and applied research 
  • Early intervention for the pre-school age child and family   
  • Treatment efficacy and effectiveness for children and adults with fluency disorders  
  • Special topics such as counseling, transfer, follow-up, and measurement of progress
  • Innovations in school intervention programs
  • Multi-dimensionality factors associated with fluency disorders
  • Multicultural and multilingual variables that influence assessment, diagnosis and treatment practices 

Professional Issues

  • Educating and training researchers and clinicians
  • Promoting clinical certification standards related to professional training
  • Educating the public 
  • Discussing pathway for specialty certification in fluency 
  • Sponsoring the discussion of controversial issues
  • Supporting and encouraging the development of new instrumentation in assessment and intervention  
  • Promoting the publication of a broad range of information needed by professionals in a variety of work settings (school clinicians, laboratory researchers, university professors, etc.)
  • Supporting interprofessional education and collaboration  
  • Supporting self-help and consumer groups
  • Discussing avenues for funding of clinical developments and research  

Help shape future developments in these and other areas of activity. The ultimate objectives of the SIG will be determined by its affiliates.

Affiliate Benefits and SIG Programs

Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups

Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups is the online peer-reviewed scholarly review journal of the SIGs. SIG 4 offers new self-study CE activities through Perspectives each year.  

Continuing Education

Earn ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) through 

  • Self-study of Perspectives and pay the lowest processing fee to take the learning assessments 
  • SIG sponsored Master Classes and one-hour sessions at the annual ASHA Convention 


SIG 4 Affiliates have access to exclusive discussion forums/groups, which provide the opportunity to interact with other SIG Affiliates who share interest in fluency and fluency disorders. Use ASHA's Member Directory to search for individuals by SIG affiliation. In addition, SIG 4 Affiliates can meet in person and online at an ASHA and SIG 4 sponsored events; typically each SIG hosts an Affiliates meeting at Convention and sponsors a virtual open house. 

Representation Within ASHA

  • The SIG 4 Coordinator represents the Special Interest Group on Fluency and Fluency Disorders within the ASHA Board of Special Interest Group Coordinators.
  • The Coordinating Committee responds to ASHA requests for input regarding policy, guidelines, committees, and other issues.
  • Affiliates have the opportunity to provide input to the SIG leadership and ASHA.

Additional Resources

Coordinating Committee Members

  • 2024–2026 Coordinator: James V Panico, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • 2024–2026 Associate Coordinator: Derek E Daniels, Wayne State University
  • 2024–2026 Editor: Jean Sawyer, Illinois State University
  • 2023–2025 Professional Development Manager: Jennifer L. Kleinow, La Salle University
  • 2023–2025 Member-at-Large: Jessica Dailey, The Stuttering Clinic at National Therapy Center
  • 2024–2026 Member-at-Large: Laura B Overton, Fort Worth Independent School District
  • Ex Officio: Diane Paul, Senior Director, Clinical Issues in Speech-Language Pathology, ASHA

Editorial Board

View the Editorial Board Roster for Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.

Professional Development Committee

  • Jennifer L. Kleinow, Professional Development Manager
  • Jean Sawyer, Editor
  • Farzan Irani
  • John A. Tetnowski
  • Diane Paul, Ex Officio

Liaisons to the ASHA Board of Directors

  • Janice R. Trent, 2022–2024 Vice President for Audiology Practice
  • Ryan M. Lee James, 2024–2026 Vice President for Speech-Language Pathology Practice

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