2023 PROmoting the next GENeration of Researchers (PROGENY) Participants

The purpose of PROGENY is to encourage the development of young scientists in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) and to highlight undergraduate research efforts. During their poster presentations at the ASHA Convention, undergraduate presenters connect with experienced scientists to talk about their research and pursuing an academic-research career. 

"A System for Overcoming the Negative Impacts of Poverty on Speech and Language Development"    
Emilie Thibeault

"An Investigation of the Impact of Implicit Bias on Service Delivery"    
Grace Burke

"Experiences of English Language Learners with Accent Modification Services"    
Julia Young

"Improving Effective Communication with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Patients Through Interprofessional Practice"    
Sophia Hagedorn

"Cross-Cultural Features of Emotional Expression in the Voice"    
Maariyah Kharal

"Identifying Opportunities for Collaborative Learning between Speech-Language Pathology and Nursing Students"    
Kaitlyn Young

"Only Time will Tell: Parent-Child Turn-Taking in Early Stuttering"    
Allison Godsey, Julia Samenuk

"Evaluating the Cognitive Load of Speech Modification Techniques Using the Auditory Stroop Test"    
Christy Kirkham

"Speech Production Variability and Phonological Processing in Preschoolers With and Without Speech Sound Disorders"    
Julia Suter

"Pediatric Feeding Disorders: An Ethnography"    
Kaylen Leiby

"Real-Time Pitch Biofeedback in Second-Language Tone Production: Predictors and Outcomes"    
Joyce Chung

"Language Sample Measures for Spanish-English Bilingual Children"   
Miah Cramer

"Exploring Semantic Development in Cantonese-English Bilingual Children: Implications for Clinical Practice"   
Morgan Jones, Elly Head, Sydney Clayton, Chloe Drake, Gina Huber, Megan Simmons

"MakerSpace: Making AAC Keyguards, Switches, & Battery Interrupters"    
Katie Kielman

"Comparing Autistic and Typically Developing Children’s Definitions of Real and Novel Words"    
Henry Tomiser, MaKelsey Sibille

"The Cognate Effect: A Review of Research Using the Crosslinguistic Overlap Scale for Phonology"    
Sarah Alexandria Garcia

"Implications for Inclusion: Measuring Teacher Communication Strategies with Children with IDD During Shared Book Reading"    
Emma Summers

"Effect of the SO(A)R Intervention on the Communication Functions of Autistic Children Using AAC"   
Julia Sultana

"Stuttering or Not? Analysis of Language Proficiency Effects on Fluency Assessment"    
Seetal Ahluwalia

"Executive Function Skills in Preschool-Age Children Who Do and Do Not Stutter"    
Meaghan Doyle

"The Development of a Parent Decision Guide for Managing Television Viewing for the Preschool Population"   
Rebekah Ladaika

"Measuring Intelligibility for Preschoolers With and Without Speech Sound Disorders"    
Zoe Zhang

"Sociodemographic Variables in Listening and Spoken Language Outcomes for Children who Use Hearing Technology"    
Faith Rossi

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