2015 Research Symposium

A yearly event at the ASHA Convention is the Research Symposium, where current, theme-focused research is presented by experts.

Symposium Topic

Dementia and Communication

Symposium Presentations

Introduction of Symposium and Research Mentoring-Pair Travel Awardees
Margaret Rogers, PhD, Chief Staff Officer for Science and Research, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging: A Public Health Perspective
Frank Lin, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Advances in Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Primary Progressive Aphasia
Argye Hills, MD, John Hopkins University

Clinical Features, Neuroimaging Correlates, and Underlying Pathology of Primary Progressive Apraxia of Speech
Joseph Duffy, PhD, Mayo Clinic
Keith Josephs, MD, Mayo Clinic

Language Impairments in Primary Progressive Aphasia & Innovative Treatments for Persons with Dementia

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