Hearing Screening and Hearing Testing

The difference between a hearing screening and a hearing evaluation can sometimes be confusing. If you're wondeirng if you need to have your hearing or your child's hearing tested, there are questions and considerations that can help you find out.

Hearing Screening

A hearing screening is a quick test that you will pass or fail. If you pass, then you show no signs of hearing loss. If you fail, you will need more in-depth hearing testing. You should see someone trained to do hearing screenings, like an audiologist, nurse, or teacher.

ASHA provides an online hearing screener that you may find useful in identifying whether you have hearing loss that can affect your overall wellbeing.

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Hearing Testing

A hearing evaluation, also called an audioogic evaluation, is a complete hearing test. You should see an audiologist for a hearing evaluation.  An audiologist can talk to you about 

  • the type of hearing loss you have;
  • how severe it is; 
  • what might have caused your hearing loss; and 
  • possible treatment options.

    To find an audiologist near you, visit ProFind.

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