Paying for Hearing Aids

You may have concerns about how you will pay for your hearing aids. Learn more about funding options for adults and children.

Private Insurance

Some private health care plans pay for hearing tests and hearing aid evaluations. They may pay for part or all of your hearing aids. Check with your insurance company to find out for sure. Your benefits manager at work may know what coverage you have.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare does not cover hearing aids. You can get hearing tests and other hearing services with Medicare.

Medicaid often covers hearing aids for adults. Medicaid must pay for hearing aids for children. You may qualify for Medicaid if you have a disability or do not make a lot of money.

Early Intervention and Schools

Your child can get hearing services through early intervention, or EI, and schools. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, is the law that requires hearing services in schools. The Rehabilitation Act is another law that may help your child. Under this law, your child will have a Section 504 plan [PDF]. These laws say that the school must give your child the hearing services she needs. These laws do not, however, make schools pay for hearing aids.

Loan Banks

Some places have hearing aid loan banks. These banks loan hearing aids to children in need. Call your EI program to see if there are loaner banks in your area.

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