Client and Patient Handouts

Below is a list of consumer education brochures, products, and tools available from ASHA. For additional resources and information, search ASHA's website or visit the consumer education section of ASHA's Online Store.

ASHA's public website provides resources and information to help consumers understand communication and communication disorders and the roles that audiologists and speech-language pathologists play in protecting consumer health and diagnosing and treating problems.

Audiology Information Series

The Audiology Information Series of printable PDF newsletters focuses on key topic areas and provides consumers easy access to their subjects of interest in a plain language format. Many topics also available in Spanish.


ASHA's brochures help you communicate more clearly with patients and families about hearing, speech, language and swallowing disorders. Many of these products have been revised to reflect current health literacy principles. Brochures available include

Let's Talk

Let's Talk products are a compilation of electronic handouts that come on a CD and can be easily customized and printed to give to your clients. Each handout is on a specific topic and provides a starting point for conversations between audiologists and speech-language pathologists and their clients and families. All handouts are written in easy-to-understand language and can also be used to market your services, share with other professionals during in-services and meetings, and distribute during health fairs, open houses, and other patient education opportunities. Included in the series are

Your Child's Communication Development

Access lists of developmental milestones: birth to 5 years and school expectations for children at grade levels kindergarten through fifth grade.

ASHA Store

Our online store features a full line of consumer education resources, including educational and anatomical posters, books, wheels, and tool kits.

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