ASHA Certification Maintenance Extension Request Form

Please submit this Extension Request form only if you did not complete all 30 professional development hours (PDHs), including at least 1 PDH in ethics, within your 20212023 (1/1/2021–12/31/2023) ASHA Certification Maintenance Interval. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with further instructions and deadlines within approximately 7 business days of submitting this request. You may start earning your hours before you receive the confirmation, but please do not submit your Compliance Form until after your extension is granted and all interval requirements are met.

Individuals in an extension are automatically selected for a certification maintenance audit, which will require submission of a Record Keeping Form with an accounting of your professional development activities.

Requests for certification maintenance extensions may only be submitted, and granted, from December 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024. If you have previously been granted an extension for this interval, it is not necessary to submit an additional request. Any excess hours over the 30 hours required for your current interval will not count towards your next interval. For example, if you meet the requirements on 2/22/2024 and completed 35 hours by that date, the additional 5 hours cannot be rolled over into your new interval.

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