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CFCC Call For Nominations 

The Nominating Committee of the Council for Clinical Certification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CFCC) solicits nominations to fill vacancies on the CFCC. These vacant positions are for 4-calendar-year terms.

    CFCC Charge

    The CFCC offers voluntary certification to individuals who hold a graduate degree in audiology or speech-language pathology. The CFCC's current charges are:

    • Define the standards for clinical certification in audiology and speech-language pathology, and for audiology and speech-language pathology assistants.
    • Apply established standards in granting certification to individuals.
    • Withdraw certification in cases where certification has been granted on the basis of inaccurate information.
    • Define and administer the certification reinstatement process.
    • Administer the certification maintenance program.

    General Requirements

    Minimum requirements for service on the CFCC—with the exception of the public member—are current membership in ASHA and current certification in the area for which you are seeking appointment. Council composition must include at least four practitioners (two audiologists and two speech-language pathologists). Requirements for service by an individual desiring to be considered for the public member are knowledge of the standards setting process, a desire to serve as a consumer advocate, representing and protecting the public interest, and overseeing the certification process for fairness and reasonable action.

    Individuals interested in serving on the CFCC should be familiar with the charges to the CFCC and understand the responsibilities involved. Service on the Council requires commitment and time. Members will establish certification standards and implementation language, determine the passing score on the Praxis examinations, review and evaluate selected applications processed by the National Office staff, and provide guidance on questions from applicants, graduate educational programs, and National Office certification staff. It's important to note that the CFCC relies heavily on technology and its Web-based collaboration sites to conduct its work and meetings.

    The CFCC holds up to three 2½–day meetings per year at the ASHA National Office, typically February, June/July, and September/October. In addition, CFCC members are expected to participate in two 1-hour conference calls per month. Attendance at these meetings and conference calls is vital. ASHA reimburses normal travel expenses according to ASHA Travel Policies for meetings held in the ASHA National Office.

    Application and Appointments Process

    The CFCC Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of candidates from the applications received by the deadline, consisting of at least two individuals for each vacant position. The slate will be presented to the CFCC for final approval. Please download and use the CFCC Nomination Form [PDF] on the ASHA website to submit your application to serve on the CFCC. If you are unable to download the form from the website, please provide your contact information and we will e-mail the form to you.

    Submit completed application forms by e-mail at to:

    Jo Puntil, Chair
    CFCC Nominating Committee
    c/o Todd Philbrick, ASHA

    Questions concerning the process may be addressed to Todd Philbrick, CFCC ex officio, at or 301-296-5738.

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