Audiology Pathway to Reinstatement

This pathway walks you step-by-step through the process of applying for reinstatement of the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A) if your ASHA certification has expired, or has been resigned, retired, or revoked.

Step 1


Determine if you are eligible to apply for reinstatement of the CCC-A.

Why: Individuals applying for reinstatement of their ASHA certification must meet current reinstatement policies and procedures.

Step 2

Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

Provide evidence of professional development activities completed based on the number of years your CCC-A has been expired (0–12 months = 10 PDHs, 13–24 months = 20 PDHs, 25 months or more = 30 PDHs).

Why: Ongoing professional development provides assurance to clients/patients that your knowledge is current across the Scope of Practice in Audiology.

Step 3

Praxis Exam in Audiology

Doctoral Degree Master’s Degree

If you hold a doctoral degree and your ASHA certification has been expired

  • less than 1 year, you are not required to retake the Praxis exam in order to regain certification.
  • more than one year, you must provide confirmation of a passing Praxis score that was achieved less than 5 years before applying for reinstatement in order to regain certification.

If you hold a master’s degree and your ASHA certification has been expired for any period of time, you must retake the Praxis exam and provide confirmation of a passing score in order to regain certification.

The achievement of a doctoral degree has been an ASHA certification requirement since the 2012 Audiology Certification Standards went into effect. Therefore, the certification reinstatement requirement to provide a passing score on the Praxis exam depends on the degree you currently hold.

Why: The knowledge and skills of all applicants for reinstatement of certification must be reassessed by ASHA. If you’re required to retake the Praxis, a passing score less than 5 years old provides assurance to clients/patients that you practice with skill and safety and that your knowledge and skills are up to date.

Step 4


Submit your online reinstatement application for the CCC-A to ASHA.

Read the current audiology standards to be aware of any changes.

Step 5

Reinstatement Fee

  • $375 for CCC-A and ASHA membership
  • $349 for CCC-A without ASHA membership

Step 6

Reinstatement Timeline

Please allow about 6 weeks for the review of your online application and required documentation. Certification can be reinstated only after verification that all requirements have been met.

Remember: Until you receive notification from the National Office that your certification has been reinstated, you cannot present yourself as holding the CCC-A or as being certified by ASHA.

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