Filing a Complaint of Alleged Violation of the ASHA CE Requirements

CE Complaint Form

What to Know Before Deciding to File a Complaint

ASHA Continuing Education (CE) has a complaint adjudication process for participants who wish to file a complaint against an ASHA Approved CE Provider. A sustained level of high-quality continuing education is essential for maintaining ASHA Approved CE Provider status. Therefore, ASHA CE monitors compliance with the Requirements for ASHA CE Provider Approval [PDF] (hereafter referred to as Requirements) and investigates all complaints regarding possible violation of the requirements.

The process begins when ASHA CE receives a complaint alleging the violation of the Requirements [PDF]. Complainants should cite the requirements that they believe have been violated, followed by the particular facts and evidence that support each allegation. ASHA CE will inform the ASHA Approved CE Provider of the complaint. ASHA CE will gather context from you and from the ASHA Approved CE Provider to inform a fair and objective decision.

When filing a complaint, please keep in mind the following consideration:

  • Individuals are encouraged to contact the ASHA Approved CE Provider and attempt to resolve any problem before filing a complaint with ASHA CE.
  • ASHA CE accepts complaints against only those entities that are ASHA Approved CE Providers and only for courses/offerings registered for ASHA continuing education units (CEUs).
  • The extent of ASHA CE’s jurisdiction is only to receive, deliberate, and act upon complaints filed against ASHA Approved CE Providers.
  • ASHA CE does not accept anonymous complaints.
  • The complainant's name will not be shared with the Provider without permission.
  • The complainant does not have to be an ASHA member or certified by ASHA.
  • Ethical issues are addressed through the ASHA Board of Ethics.

What to Include When Submitting the Complaint

When submitting a complaint, please keep in mind the following considerations:

  • A complaint should contain complete information and facts on which the alleged violation is based.
  • Documentation and supplementary evidence should include, but is not limited to,
    • your contact information;
    • name of ASHA Approved CE Provider;
    • name and date of course;
    • if you have contacted the ASHA Approved CE Provider regarding your complaint;
    • the Requirements [PDF] that the ASHA Approved CE Provider failed to meet;
    • descriptions and copies of communications regarding the issue; and
    • copies of materials and evidence that corroborate and support the allegations.

What to Expect After Submitting a Complaint

The complainant will hear from ASHA CE within 7-10 business days of submitting the complaint. ASHA CE will let the complainant know if the complaint falls within ASHA CE’s jurisdiction.

If the complaint is within ASHA CE’s jurisdiction, then ASHA CE will notify the Provider’s CE Administrator in writing that the Provider is under review. When ASHA CE completes its review, the complainant and the Provider will each receive a written response from ASHA CE regarding the outcome. The outcome may include steps that the ASHA Approved CE Provider needs to take to be compliant with the Requirements.

For questions about the complaint filing process, or for an alternate way to submit a complaint, please contact the ASHA CE Director or Senior Director:

Carol Breeze
Director, ASHA CE Professional & Clinical Applications

Jo Ann Linseisen
Senior Director, ASHA Continuing Education

ASHA Corporate Partners