How the ASHA CE Registry Works

  1. Pay the ASHA CE Registry Annual Fee.

  2. Complete courses offered by an ASHA Approved CE Provider. Look for the logos below and participate in an ASHA Approved CE Provider's course or develop an Independent Study Plan through an ASHA Approved Independent Study Provider.



  1. Before leaving the course, the ASHA Approved CE Provider will ask you to fill out a form or have you provide your information electronically requesting ASHA CEUs. After the ASHA Approved CE Provider verifies your satisfactory completion of the course, they will forward your ASHA CEU information to the ASHA CE Registry. It is important that you submit your form to the Provider before you leave the course or follow the Provider's instructions for electronic submission. 

  2. Find out what's on your ASHA CE Registry transcript.You may view your transcript by simply logging in or entering your account number and name.

  3. Get a copy of your official transcript. Transcripts are sent out upon your request and are issued free for each calendar year you have paid the ASHA CE Registry fee. Your ASHA CE transcript will be mailed within 7- 10 business days if your CE Registry fees are paid and all courses requested are posted.

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