Hawaii Assistants (Support Personnel) Requirements

The following information includes audiology and speech-language pathology assistants and support personnel requirements in educational and other practice settings. The information is reviewed on an annual basis. Please be advised that regulations and policy may change at any time, so always check with your state for the most up-to-date information.

Speech-Language Pathology

School Setting Requirements

Communication Aides must have:

  • 48 semester credits, baccalaureate level courses, from an accredited institution of higher education recognized by the Hawaii Department of Education. The 48 credits may be from various program or academic subject areas. In addition, of the 48 credits from baccalaureate level courses, 3 must have been for math and 3 for English courses; or
  • An Associate in Arts (AA) or Science (AS) degree from an accredited institution recognized by the Hawaii Department of Education. The credits earned for the degree must include a minimum of 48 credits for courses that are baccalaureate level; and
  • Successful completion of the ParaPro Assessment provided by the Education Testing Service (ETS); and
  • Individuals must have 2 school years of work experience which involved providing supportive services to professional personnel directly engaged in the academic, personal, social and/or vocational development of children. The experience must have involved direct interaction with individuals and at least one year of this experience must have included some involvement in assisting in the learning activities of children.
  • One additional school year of progressively responsible work experience shall be required (for a total of 3 years experience). This experience must have involved assisting a speech pathologist in implementing educational/treatment plans for individuals with speech and language disorders and/or problems. This experience must have involved providing remedial activities in speech and language correction, under the direct and close supervision of the speech pathologist.

Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

Support personnel are not licensed by the state.


School Setting Requirements

Audiology support personnel are not regulated in this setting.

Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

Audiology support personnel are not regulated by the state.


For further information on laws and regulations for speech-language pathology and audiology support personnel in educational and other practice settings, please visit this website:

School Setting Requirements: Department of Education Employment Opportunities

To see where your state stands on support personnel licensure trends, please view the trends charts which are updated annually:

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