Become a Grasstops Envoy

Grasstops Envoys (ASHA’s top advocates) are ASHA members who actively engage with their members of Congress by: 

  • educating Congress about the roles of the professions;  
  • informing Congress on legislative issues impacting the professions; 
  • serving as a trusted, reliable resource for information related to the professions; 
  • elevating awareness of ASHA and the professions; and  
  • developing close relationships with local staff. 

Congressional advocacy centers on relationship building and the best messengers on legislative issues are the constituents that lawmakers are elected to serve. Members of Congress rely on constituent outreach to guide their positions and they value your expertise in the policymaking process. You have a story to tell and your members of Congress want to hear from you.

ASHA will notify you of advocacy opportunities throughout the year. We will help you build and sustain relationships with your federal lawmakers through one-on-one meetings, participating in congressional town halls, and organizing site visits to your place of employment so that your members of Congress can see the important role of the professions firsthand.

Are you interested in becoming a Grasstops Envoy? Complete the form below. Please provide details on why you’re interested in joining the program, the issues you are most passionate about, and your comfort level for participation. Download the Grasstops Envoy flyer [PDF] for more information.

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