About the Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Read what past participants of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) said about being part of the program:

  • Collaborated with colleagues
  • Learned new ideas/strategies for setting goals, formulated a project and articulated a vision
  • Discovered my strengths and challenges as a leader and developed those further along with my colleagues
  • Gained leadership perspective from professionals
  • Gained a leadership support staff of friends

Eligibility Requirements

The LDP seeks energetic people who are motivated to influence professional issues in audiology or speech-language pathology. Each program accepts 30 participants selected through a competitive application process. Preference is given to members who belong to a Special Interest Group, as well as to past members of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSSLHA). You must be an ASHA member to apply.

LDP Application Requirements
LDP General LDP Healthcare or Schools
ASHA members that are audiologists and/or and speech-language pathologists in any work setting. ASHA members that are audiologists and speech-language pathologists in a healthcare or schools’ work setting. (Cohorts rotate annually)
  • Current ASHA member.
  • No prior participation in a previous LDP cohort.
  • No prior service as a chair on an ASHA committee, board, or council.
  • No past, current, or incoming service on the ASHA Board of Directors. Leaders in state associations are welcome to apply.
  • Past or present ASHA committee, council, board members (ethics, financial planning, etc.), and SIG coordinating committee members welcome to apply.
  • Able to commit to participate in the year-long program and complete all program requirements including participation in the Kickoff Workshop and all webinars.

How to Apply

See below for the application dates for both cohorts.

LDP General: Application submission period closed on December 1, 2023.

LDP Schools: Application submission period closed on March 1, 2024.

Components of the Program

If selected by the review committee, you must commit to all program components.

Be sure to click on the links below for more LDP program information, including dates and times of the kickoff workshop and webinars.

Leadership Projects

Individual learning projects are focused on the workplace or a community or other volunteer organization, with the elements involving leadership activities such as working with a team or gathering the support of stakeholders. Examples include:

  • Working on a project for your state association.
  • Developing a support group or family training program.
  • Working with a team to implement a new clinical or educational program.
  • Working to advocate for reimbursement, legislation, or policy change.

Learning Teams

Participants are assigned to a learning team made up of other participants. Participants meet/work with their teams in-person at the workshop and virtually throughout the year. A learning team serves as a participant's project advisory group. Teams are meant to be independent and schedule their own virtual team meetings spread over the year. Additionally, they are to provide a venue for deeper interactions and exploration of the content provided by the LDP webinar sessions.

Note: While ASHA encourages participants to use their leadership skills to collaborate with various stakeholders associated with their projects to accomplish project goals, participation in the LDP does not imply ASHA’s endorsement or official support of participants’ projects. Prior ASHA approval must be obtained before using ASHA's name on any communications associated with participation in the LDP. Please reach out ASHA's LDP contact if you have any questions regarding your leadership project.


If your application is accepted by the review committee, there is a tuition fee of $350, which covers the in-person program, two night's hotel accommodations, program materials, and webinars. If you choose not to use the hotel, the fee is $250.

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