ASHA Civility Digital Toolkit: Tools

How to Use the New “ASHACivility” Hashtag

To encompass the conversation about digital civility, particularly on ASHA’s social platforms, we have developed the #ASHACivility hashtag. Use of this hashtag is voluntary and by no means meant to be used in a punitive manner. Rather, use of the hashtag is meant to encourage and/or acknowledge another person to maintain or demonstrate civility in a discussion.

ASHA Civility Hashtag


“Thanks for pointing out that perspective. I’ll have to look into that further.”

“No problem, and I’m glad we could have this discussion! #ASHACivility”

Another option for our followers is to use the X and Facebook profile filters that feature a graphic with the hashtag. Again, this is entirely optional and could be used for however long or short of a time they choose. ASHA members may download these filters from the ASHA Digital Civility Toolkit, and use them to promote the civility initiative. 

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