Students Preparing for Academic and Research Careers (SPARC) Award Recipients

The SPARC Award is offered as part of ASHA's Strategic Objective to Increase Research Commitment. The goal of SPARC is to foster students' interest in the pursuit of PhD education and careers in academia in order to fill faculty/researcher vacancies in communication sciences and disorders (CSD). It allows students to prepare for successful PhD education and exciting careers in research and teaching. The SPARC Award gives students an opportunity to participate in teaching and research with guidance from a mentor and travel to enhance teaching and research exposure. The SPARC has been awrded since 2004.

2018 Recipients

Samantha Ayala, New York University
Primary Mentor: Tara McAllister

Sydney Bassard, University of South Carolina
Primary Mentor: Krystal Werfel

Clare Benes, Texas Christian University
Primary Mentor: Emily Lund

Michael Campbell, University of New Mexico
Primary Mentor: Janet Patterson

Laine Cialdella, New York University
Primary Mentor: Tara McAllister

Logan Douglass, University of South Carolina
Primary Mentor: Krystal Werfel

Megan Hirsch, Florida State University
Primary Mentor: Kaitlin Lansford

Brianna Johnson, University of Maryland at College Park
Primary Mentor: Jan Edwards

Colleen O’Brien, Long Island University AuD Consortium
Primary Mentor: Aniruddha Deshpand

Victoria Sampson, Miami University
Primary Mentor: Amber Franklin

Victoria Showalter, University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center
Primary Mentor: Katerina Ntourou

Recent Recipients


Kali Cika, Gallaudet University
Sharice Clough, University of Iowa
Rachel Ellinger, Northwestern University
Katherine Goble, Saint Mary's College
Nafiah Khan, Eastern Michigan University
Fanting Kung, University of Illinois–Champaign/Urbana
Nicole Larsen, University of New Mexico
Emily Metze, University of South Carolina
Taryn Sanwald, Temple University
Tanner Smith, Western Kentucky University
Michael Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sarah Sparks, Gallaudet University
Faith Stagge, Saint Louis University
Austin Thompson, Louisiana State University


Shealyn Ashby, University of Illinois–Urbana/Champaign
Hannah Burton, Eastern Michigan University
Courtney Craft, University of Central Arkansas
Sidorela Doci, Syracuse University
Steven Gianakas, University of Washington
Amanda Good, Oklahoma State University
Abby Isabelle, University of Missouri
Rebekah Keith, University of Tennessee–Knoxville
Zora McFarlane-Blake, University of Illinois–Urbana/Champaign
Jacob McKinley, University of Missouri
Susie Nam, University of Oregon
Lauren Renken, New Mexico State University
Jennifer Smasne, University of Washington
Sara Straley, University of South Carolina
Torri Ann Woodruff, Gallaudet University

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