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About Special Interest Group 15, Gerontology


  • The mission of the SIG on Gerontology is to promote an understanding of the effects of normal and pathological aging on cognition, language, speech, hearing, and swallowing.
  • The SIG mission is accomplished by: (a) providing "research-to-practice" professional development opportunities for affiliates; (b) developing communication and networking opportunities for affiliates in diverse professional and scientific settings; (c) increasing awareness of the communication and swallowing needs of older individuals among consumers and professionals; and (d) advocating for positive outcomes on issues concerning older individuals.


The goals of SIG 15 include:

  • To increase professional awareness of geriatric concerns in the delivery of communication and swallowing disorders services.
  • To develop a forum for discussion of age-related research and clinical issues that impact upon service delivery to older adults and for dissemination of relevant information in a timely fashion.
  • To promote continuing education opportunities for ASHA members interested in gerontology and gerontological aspects of communication and swallowing disorders.
  • To provide advocacy within and recommendations to ASHA regarding policies, procedures, and guidelines related to geriatric communication and swallowing disorders.
  • To interact with other organizations concerned with the needs of older Americans, in order to promote quality interdisciplinary interventions and enhance the visibility of speech-language pathology and audiology services and professions within the services network for older individuals.

Affiliate Benefits and SIG Programs

Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups

Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups is the online peer-reviewed scholarly review journal of the SIGs. SIG 15 offers new self-study CE activities through Perspectives each year.  

Online Chats

SIGs sponsor live online chats. These events feature topic experts who answer questions from the audience. All ASHA and NSSLHA members may attend. Live online chats are not eligible for CEUs. Archived chats can be accessed online.

Continuing Education

Earn ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) through 

  • self-study of Perspectives and pay the lowest processing fee to take the learning assessments 
  • SIG sponsored Master Classes and one-hour sessions at the annual ASHA Convention. 


SIG 15 Affiliates have access to to exclusive discussion forums/groups, which provide the opportunity to interact with other SIG Affiliates who share interest in gerontology. Use ASHA's Member Directory to search for individuals by SIG affiliation. In addition, SIG 15 Affiliates can meet in person and online at an ASHA and SIG 15 sponsored events; typically each SIG hosts an Affiliates meeting at Convention and sponsors a virtual open house. 

Representation Within ASHA

  • The SIG 15 Coordinator represents the Gerontology Special Interest Group within the ASHA Board of Special Interest Group Coordinators.
  • The Coordinating Committee responds to ASHA requests for input regarding policy, guidelines, committees, and other issues.
  • Affiliates have the opportunity to provide input to the SIG leadership and ASHA.

Specific study and professional issues and activities will be determined by the SIG 15 affiliates, professional development committee, and Coordinating Committee.

Coordinating Committee Members

  • 2020–2022 Coordinator: Pamela A. Smith, Bloomsburg University
  • 2021–2023 Associate Coordinator: Elizabeth Bates Brown, Duke University Health System 
  • 2020–2022 Editor: Renee L. Fabus, Stony Brook University 
  • 2020–2022 Professional Development Manager: Renee B. Kinder, Evergreen Rehabilitation 
  • 2021–2022 Member-at-Large: Amber B. Heape, PruittHealth Therapy Services 
  • 2020–2022 Member-at-Large: Brittany D. Stroker, Private Practice 
  • Ex Officio: Monica Sampson, Director, Health Care Services in Speech-Language Pathology, ASHA

Additional SIG Volunteers

2020–2022 Continuing Education (CE) Content Manager: Jolene N. Barbutes, Broad River Rehab 

Editorial Board

View the Editorial Board Roster for Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.

Professional Development Committee

  • Renee B. Kinder, Professional Development Manager
  • Jolene Newbrough Barbutes, CE Content Manager 
  • Heather S. Anderson 
  • Charlotte B. Bianco 
  • Mary L. Habegger 
  • Kathleen R. Holterman 
  • Susana L. Keller 
  • Erin M. Knoepfel 
  • Natalie B. Lee 
  • Paula Leslie 
  • Chantal Peraggine 
  • Emily B. Rampmaier
  • Amanda L. Stead 
  • Brittany D. Stroker 
  • Jan M. Ward 
  • Lynn M. Young 
  • Tina Slider Young 
  • Renee L. Fabus, Editor
  • Monica Sampson, Ex Officio

Liaisons to the ASHA Board of Directors

  • Sharon Sandridge, 2019–2021 Vice President for Audiology Practice
  • Linda I. Rosa-Lugo, 2021–2023 Vice President for Speech-Language Pathology Practice

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