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Group Learning: Information for Group Leaders

The Group Leader

The ASHA Learning Center automatically assigns a group leader for every group purchase. The group leader is the person who makes the transaction in the ASHA Store (or via phone, mail, or fax). This individual alone gets access to the full course materials and instructions in the ASHA Learning Center and also receives important links by e-mail, which are necessary for everyone in the group to earn ASHA CEUs/professional development hours for the activity.

If you make the purchase but are not the person who is facilitating access to the course (e.g., an administrative manager who purchases the program at the request of an SLP or audiologist at your organization), be sure to contact us at so we can reassign the course to the person who will be facilitating the group learning. Be sure to include your invoice number, along with the name, ASHA account number, and e-mail address of the intended group leader.

The Auto-Enroll Link

The group leader will receive an e-mail with an "auto-enroll link." Depending on the type of group course you purchased, the auto-enroll link and process will work a little differently. Regardless, the group leader should send this auto-enroll link to the group members so each member can use it.

Note: Without the auto-enroll link, group members will not be able to earn ASHA CEUs/PDHs.

Lost the e-mail with the auto-enroll link? The group leader can log into the ASHA Learning Center to retrieve it:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to the "Admin" tab.
  3. Find the course title, and select "Edit."
  4. Copy the auto-enroll link, and e-mail it to all participants.

Participants: Don't have the auto-enroll link? Contact your group leader (the person who purchased the course and/or is facilitating the group).

Group Webinars

Only the group leader has access to the full content of the webinar. The group leader can access this course content by logging into the ASHA Learning Center, finding the course on the "Enrolled" tab (the course number will have -GRP at the end), and selecting "Launch." 

For group webinars, the auto-enroll link will give each participant, including the group leader, access to the handouts and completion form, which is used to earn ASHA CEUs/PDHs. Any number of participants can use the auto-enroll link in this case.

Multiple Full Copies (e.g., DVDs, streaming videos, journal self-studies)

The auto-enroll link will give all participants access to the full course content housed in the ASHA Learning Center (e.g., video/audio, if applicable, handouts, and learning assessment).

When you have purchased multiple copies of a full program, the group leader should also use the auto-enroll link to complete the learning assessment to earn ASHA CEUs/PDHs.

Quick Tips for Group Leaders

  • The auto-enroll link is quite long. Be sure to copy the whole link when you send it to participants. It may help to right-click on the URL and copy the link location, then paste it into an e-mail.
  • The number of individuals the system will allow to use the auto-enroll link matches the number of items purchased. For example, if you purchase eight full copies, the system will allow eight individuals to access the content and learning assessment; the group leader should be one of the eight who uses the auto-enroll link.
  • The exception is group webinars, for which any number of participants, including the group leader, may use the auto-enroll link. 

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