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Acceptable Activities for Professional Development

Selecting Your Professional Development Activities

As you begin accumulating your Certification Maintenance Hours, you must select

No Pre-Approval Necessary

You do not need to obtain prior approval from ASHA for the professional development activities you choose.

Generally Accepted Activities

Activities will generally be accepted if you determine that they contribute to your professional development and will lead to acquiring and enhancing skills and knowledge required for independent practice. Some examples include

  • teacher-oriented content that is not related to the professions but enhances your ability to better serve your clients;
  • business and management content that will help you manage your private practice more effectively;
  • supervisory and leadership content for individuals employed in supervisory or management positions;
  • employer-sponsored in-service activities such as Grand Rounds, special education workshops (i.e., Americans with Disabilities Act requirements), formal training sessions sponsored by manufacturers on equipment used in the evaluation or treatment of your clients, and professional activities (i.e., professional ethics, diversity issues, reimbursement issues);
  • other continuing education activities such as state association workshops, and seminars offered through other professional associations like those offered for continuing medical education (CME) units, university scientific symposia, and formal online, non-credit courses offered through a university (i.e., autism, literacy, neurological disorders, genetics, and ethics);
  • College or university course work at any level-undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral-offered by regionally accredited programs (can be via distance learning) in any area that meets the definition of professional development (i.e., foreign languages needed to communicate with the population you work with, early childhood development, autism, literacy, neurological disorders, genetics, ethics).

Activities Generally Not Accepted

Examples of activities that generally are not accepted as Certification Maintenance Hours:

  • attending meetings, serving on leadership committees, volunteer activities, etc;
  • routine work experiences such as supervising clinical fellows, developing curriculum, publishing articles, or making presentations are not considered professional development activities when they are part of your job responsibilities and when they are not a supervised educational experience;
  • committee or board meetings;
  • association membership and leadership activities;
  • business meetings;
  • work experience;
  • unsupervised or self-directed study*
    • supervising student practicum
    • supervising a clinical fellow
    • curriculum development
    • research activities
    • teaching courses
    • presenting workshops and seminars
    • authoring books, chapters, or articles

*For unsupervised study or self-directed study, you may be able to earn ASHA CEUs by creating an Independent Study plan.

Generally, unsupervised or self-directed study is not accepted as Certification Maintenance Hours because there is not a third party that can verify the number of hours the certificate holder spent as a learner. However, if third party documentation can be provided, it should verify the number of hours the certificate holder spent as a learner throughout the activity.

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