CFCC Strategic Plan

During a dedicated strategic planning session in 2015, the Council for Clinical Certification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CFCC) articulated its goals for defining the standards for clinical certification and applying those standards in the certification of individuals.

Goal 1: Ensure ASHA's certification standards promote excellence in practice


  • Review competency models of complementary certification programs
  • Survey certificate holders on how to better prepare entry-level practitioners
  • Seek feedback from graduates and those certified for less than three years to determine additional education they feel they need/needed before practicing
  • Update audiology standards to reflect current practice, including IPE/IPP
  • Update speech-language pathology standards to reflect current practice, including IPE/IPP
  • Research allied health professionals and consider guidelines for clinical supervisors and CF mentors

Goal 2: ASHA’s certification continues to be the preferred credential by speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and all stakeholders


  • Obtain more data on the value of certification
  • Promote the value of certification to certificate holders and other stakeholders
  • Create a welcoming home for newly certified individuals through special communications and activities at ASHA Convention. 

Goal 3: Transparency in certification standards, policies, etc.


  • Distribute a bi-annual CFCC electronic newsletter to stakeholders
  • Create and update speech-language pathology and audiology certification handbooks
  • Create and publish an application evaluation manual that can be used by domestic and international applicants

Goal 4: Increase the recognition of Clinical Specialty Certification 


  • Market the current specialty areas to potential applicants and stakeholders
  • Create/refine templates and marketing materials for current specialty areas
  • Promote specialty certification to Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Create an annual report that can be published promoting the specialty certification boards as a group
  • Acquire specialty certification best practices from complementary healthcare professions and promote 

Goal 5: Public Protection


  • Study the trends in the regulation of impaired practitioners
  • Create a certificate or logo with an expiration date that practitioners should display at their practice setting

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