Examples of Quality Improvement Activities

Speech-Language Pathology

Example 1

Clinical Population: All disorders

Aspect of Care: Patient Perspective Issues

Clinical Indicator: Patient Satisfaction

Measurement Technique: Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Example 2

Clinical Population: Aphasia

Aspect of Care: Outcome of Care

Clinical Indicator: Ability to communicate basic needs 3 months post tx

Measurement Technique: Functional Communication Measures

Example 3

Clinical Population: Alaryngeal Voice 

Aspect of Care: Efficacy of care 

Clinical Indicator: Ability to remove/clean/insert TEP prosthesis consistently 

Measurement Technique: Observation

Example 4

Clinical Population: Articulation Disorder 

Aspect of Care: Family participation 

Clinical Indicator: Designed effective home program for targets /s/ and /z/  

Measurement Technique: Observation and completed worksheets

Example 5

Clinical Population: Dysphagia 

Aspect of Care: Efficacy of treatment 

Clinical Indicator: Reduced risk for aspiration pneumonia utilizing modified diet and tx techniques 

Measurement Technique: Observation and videofluoroscopic assessment

Adapted from: Lynn, D. & Riquelme, L.F. (1997). Q.I. - The Easy Way: A Practical Guide for Developing Quality Improvement Programs. Glenmont, NY: New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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