2011 SLP Professional Summit

Clarifying and Promoting the Regulation Of Clearly Differentiated Provider Roles

July 22-23, 2011, Tysons Corner, Virginia

The Mission

The overriding priority of the summit is clear and may be simply stated: "improving services to children." While we all share this goal, we must acknowledge that the shortage of SLP's results in underserved clients, overworked SLP's, and the temptation to expand services through shortcuts—in short, impediments to improved services. As one important approach to the improvement of services with respect both to access and to quality, the summit will emphasize the development of an explicit continuum of service delivery providers that will clarify, articulate, and support the regulation of the credentials and competencies appropriate to distinct and clearly differentiated roles and career paths among those serving individuals with communication disorders primarily in educational settings.

The Projected Outcomes

  • The summit will develop more fully defined categories of service providers.
  • The summit will propose a clear delineation of the provider continuum that will encourage greater uniformity among the standards, roles, and responsibilities appropriate to each stage.
  • The summit will promote clearer expectations regarding degree program educational goals, including the definition of competencies required for supervision, and will articulate a consensus regarding qualifications and competencies expected of SLPA's.
  • The summit will also support the exploration of options (credentialing, agreements, compacts, etc.) leading to greater uniformity in SLPA qualifications and competencies.
  • Finally, the summit will draft tenets towards a model for legislation and regulation reflecting the continuum that has been clarified and the standards defined for its distinct stages.



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