Demonstrating Your Value

As the demands of payers, consumers, administrators, and other health professionals evolve, audiologists and speech-language pathologists are increasingly being asked to demonstrate value. Although professional experiences and personal stories can help people understand how an individual is affected by a condition and can give insights into how your services may benefit them personally, such experiences and stories are limited in determining an intervention’s efficiency or effectiveness.

The key to effective advocacy is data.

You can use data and research to show the far-reaching, lasting impact you make on the individuals you serve—and on the health system at large. We rely on data to move the needle when educating others and affecting change. These fact sheets combine data from multiple sources—such as ASHA's National Outcomes Measurement System (NOMS) and the published literature—to get a full picture of how audiologists and speech-language pathologists enhance care coordination, reduce costs, and improve clinical outcomes.

Download these PDF fact sheets to engage interested parties in conversations about the role of the professions—and the value that your services can bring to individuals, their care partners, and organizations.

The Value of Audiologists in the Treatment of Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline/Dementia

See how audiologists’ treatment of hearing loss reduces the risk of cognitive decline/dementia and improves quality of life.

The Value of Speech-Language Pathologists in Acute Care

See how speech-language pathologists improve health care quality and reduce costs for a variety of populations in acute-care settings.

The Value of Audiologists in the Assessment and Treatment of Balance and Dizziness

See how audiologists’ involvement in assessing and treating balance and dizziness leads to better outcomes and more efficient care.

The Value of Speech-Language Pathologists in Treating People With Parkinson’s Disease

See how speech-language pathologists make a positive, lasting impact on communication, swallowing, and quality of life in treating people with Parkinson’s disease.

The Value of Audiologists During the Hearing Aid Fitting Process: Real-Ear Measurement

See how audiologists’ use of real-ear measurement improves communication and hearing aid outcomes.

The Value of Speech-Language Pathologists in Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

See how speech-language pathologists improve overall health and function in children with pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders.

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