ASHA Reports

This is an archive of ASHA Reports, which were published from 1965 to 1991. These issues contained proceedings of conferences, workshops, and seminars that dealt with the normal processes and disorders of human communication. In 1993, ASHA's Publications Board ceased publication of Reports in favor of publishing such materials as supplements to any of the four ASHA scholarly journals.

Number 1: Proceedings of the Conference: Communicative Problems in Cleft Palate (1965) [PDF]

Number 2: A Conference on Hearing Aid Evaluation Procedures (1967) [PDF]

Number 4: Noise as a Public Health Hazard (1969) [PDF]

Number 5: Speech and the Dentofacial Complex: The State of the Art (1970) [PDF]

Number 6: Patterns of Orofacial Growth and Development (1970) [PDF]

Number 7: Orofacial Function: Clinical Research in Dentistry and Speech Pathology (1971) [PDF]

Number 8: Orofacial Anomalies: Clinical and Research Implications (1972) [PDF]

Number 9: Speech, Language, and Psychosocial Aspects of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate: The State of the Art (1973) [PDF]

Number 10: Noise as a Public Health Problem (1980) [PDF]

Number 14: Speech Recognition by the Hearing Impaired (1984) [PDF]

Number 15: Proceedings of the Conference on the Planning and Production of Speech in Normal and Hearing-Impaired Individuals (1985) [PDF]

Number 16: Concerns for Minority Groups in Communication Disorders (1986) [PDF]

Number 17: Partnerships in Education: Toward a Literate America (1989) [PDF]

Number 18: Research Needs in Stuttering: Roadblocks and Future Directions (1990) [PDF]

Number 19: Proceedings of the Research Symposium on Communication Sciences and Disorders and Aging (1990) [PDF]

Number 20: The "Future of Science and Services" Seminar (1990) [PDF]

Number 21: Proceedings of the ASHA Audiology Superconference (1992) [PDF]

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