ASHA Monographs

This is an archive of ASHA Monographs, which were published from 1950 to 1993. These issues were scholarly treatises that dealt with experimental, clinical, theoretical, tutorial, or historical matters pertaining to the normal processes and disorders of human communication. In 1994 ASHA's Publications Board ceased publication of Monographs in favor of publishing such materials as supplements to the four ASHA scholarly journals.

Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders Supplements

Monograph Supplement 1: The Effects of Noise on Man (1950) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 2: A Guide to Audio-Visual Materials on Speech and Hearing Disorders (1952) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 3: Selected Bibliography on the Effects of High-Intensity Noise on Man (1954) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 4: The Disorder of Articulation: A Systematic Clinical and Experimental Approach (1954) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 5: Research Needs in Speech Pathology and Audiology (1959) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 6: The Problem of Stuttering in Certain North American Indian Societies (1960) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 7: Studies of Speech Disfluency and Rate of Stutterers and Nonstutterers (1961) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 8: Public School Speech and Hearing Services (1961) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 9: Indentification Audiometry (1961) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 10: Language Studies of Mentally Retarded Children (1963) [PDF]

Monograph Supplement 11: Loudness Discrimination (1963) [PDF]

ASHA Monographs

Number 12: Auditory Rehabilitation for Hearing-Impaired Blind Persons (1965) [PDF]

Number 13: Developmental Studies of Deaf Children (1969) [PDF]

Number 14: A Functional Analysis Approach to Speech and Language (1970) [PDF]

Number 15: Acoustic Impedance of Pathological Ears (1970) [PDF]

Number 16: Speaker Recognition: An Interpretive Survey of the Literature (1971) [PDF]

Number 17: The Verbal Environment of the Language-Learning Child (1972) [PDF]

Number 18: Developing Systematic Procedures for Training Children's Language (1974) [PDF]

Number 19: Hearing Aids: A Review of Past Research on Linear Amplification, Amplitude Compression, and Frequency Lowering (1979) [PDF]

Number 20: Research on Tactile Communication of Speech: A Review (1982) [PDF]

Number 21: Stuttering and Laryngeal Behavior: A Review (1982) [PDF]

Number 22: Phonological Theory and the Misarticulating Child (1984) [PDF]

Number 23: Language and Learning Skills of Hearing-Impaired Students (1986) [PDF]

Number 24: Principles of Tympanometry (1986) [PDF]

Number 25: Word-Finding Abilities in Language-Impaired Children (1986) [PDF]

Number 26: Development of Language and Communication Skills in Hearing-Impaired Children (1987) [PDF]

Number 27: Coexistence of Communication Disorders in Schoolchildren (1992) [PDF]

Number 28: Communication and Job Performance in Noise: A Review (1992) [PDF]

Number 29: The Assessment of Speech-Related Attitudes and Beliefs of People Who Stutter (1993) [PDF]

Number 30: Language Interaction in Clinical and Educational Settings (1993) [PDF]

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