Promote IPE/IPP With Public Service Announcements

Thanks to three state associations (California, Michigan, and South Carolina), a number of PSAs are available to help you promote the value of Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPE/IPP). Geared toward consumer populations, media outlets, and professional colleagues in all speech-language pathology and audiology practice settings, these videos and PSAs address the value of IPE/IPP in the areas of: Speech-Language Pathology Scope of Practice, Audiology Scope of Practice, Autism, Early Intervention, and Literacy/Dyslexia. The development of the jointly-produced videos was funded through a 2017 ASHA State Grant.

Video PSAs

Each expert-led video is approximately 7–8 minutes long.  

Audio PSAs

Each audio PSA is approximately 1 minute long.  



South Carolina

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