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ASHA's Stipend Program for IPEC's Interprofessional Faculty Development Institutes

As part of ASHA's Strategic Objective to advance interprofessional education and interprofessional collaborative practice, ASHA will offer a stipend program in 2023 to encourage ASHA members to participate in an IPEC Interprofessional Faculty Development Institute. The Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) works to promote, encourage, and support efforts to prepare current and future health and school-based professionals to enter the workforce ready for interprofessional collaborative practice that helps to ensure the health of individuals and populations.

The overall goal of the IPEC Institutes is to provide post-baccalaureate health professions faculty and their IPE colleagues both quality time and dedicated space for

  • guided learning,
  • team-based planning activities, and
  • consultation with experts and peers in order to emerge with a programmatic action plan for IPE.

Virtual May 2023 IPEC Institute

Interprofessional Education: Building a Framework for Collaboration

The May 23-25, 2023, IPEC Institute is being held virtually. This 2023 Institute is returning to the popular theme of building interprofessional education for collaborative practice (IPECP). Participants will engage with national leaders in acquiring the building blocks for IPECP. Institute attendees will spend significant time planning, building, designing, assessing, and acting on their IPECP goals and projects, as well as communicating effectively about IPECP.

The IPEC Institute(s) are open to attendance by both interprofessional teams and individual participants. Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for the ASHA stipend.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only ASHA members are eligible to be considered for the ASHA stipend.
  • ASHA members must apply to, be accepted, and attend a 2023 IPEC Institute. Application requirements, instructions, fees, and due dates are available on the IPEC Institutes webpage.
  • ASHA members must attend and complete the IPEC Institute program including developing an IPE/IPP programmatic action plan.
  • ASHA members may register as part of an interprofessional team or as individuals and must abide by the registration criteria to be eligible for the stipend.

Interprofessional Team Registration

The ASHA member registers as part of an interprofessional team from their institution in accordance with IPEC Institute application requirements. Interprofessional teams are encouraged to bring a community partner (e.g., school-based audiologist or SLP).

Individual Educator or Practitioner Registration

The ASHA member registers as an Individual who is engaged in and/or committed to an IPE/IPP program at their institution. For example:

  • The ASHA member is part of an interprofessional team at their institution and the other team members have already attended an IPEC Institute. The individual is seeking to participate in the training to bring their own IPE/IPP knowledge on par with other team members. Financial support for the ASHA member to attend the IPEC Institute is not available from their institution.
  • The ASHA member is part of an IP team at their institution. However, funding is limited such that only one member of the team is approved/funded to attend the IPEC Institute and is expected to share the information with other team members to advance the institution’s IP efforts. Financial support for the ASHA member to attend the IPEC Institute is not available from their institution.
  • The ASHA member is committed to initiating an IP team at their institution and is seeking the IPEC Institute training to acquire the knowledge and skills to proceed. Financial support for the ASHA member to attend the IPEC Institute is not available from their institution.

Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Stipend Awards

  • An award stipend of up to $650 will be provided to offset the ASHA member’s tuition share.
  • The number of stipends and the amount of each stipend awarded is contingent upon the number of ASHA members accepted by IPEC to attend a 2023 IPEC Institute.
  • Total stipend pool is $15,000.

Selection Process for ASHA Stipend

  • Applications to attend an IPEC Institute in 2023 undergo independent review and acceptance by IPEC.
  • ASHA will be notified by IPEC of accepted applicants who registered as ASHA members.
  • Eligible recipients will be notified by ASHA that they are eligible to receive a stipend upon ASHA’s receipt of confirmation from IPEC of their participation in a 2023 IPEC Institute and ASHA’s confirmation that the recipient meets the ASHA stipend eligibility criteria.
  • A stipend check from ASHA will be issued to eligible recipients by December 31, 2023, upon receipt of required documentation submitted to ASHA including:
    • W9 (Taxpayer Identification Number)
    • IPEC Institute experience feedback form

For questions or further information, contact

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