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Everyday Ethics

In this ASHA Leader blog series, ASHA's director of ethics discusses ethical issues in the practice of audiology and speech-language pathology, and answers member questions about their various ethical dilemmas.

2022 Blogs

What Happens When Someone Files an Ethics Complaint?
Answers to common member questions about the ASHA Board of Ethics and its adjudication and disciplinary procedures.

Do I Need to Report This?
Advice for ASHA members, CCC holders, and certified assistants on reporting something they've observed, heard, or read about that could be a violation of the Code of Ethics or Assistants Code of Conduct

2021 Blogs

When Should I Self-Report?
The ASHA Code of Ethics and the Assistants Code of Conduct both have self-reporting requirements—here are details as to exactly when you need to self-report.

2020 Blogs

Prohibitions Against Discrimination Under ASHA's Code of Ethics
Hypothetical scenarios explore discrimination claims under the Code of Ethics and how the ASHA Board of Ethics might evaluate them.

10 COVID-19 Questions from SLPs in Private Practice and Clinics
Given the risks clients assume when they elect to receive or avoid in-office treatment, this may be an opportunity to revise your informed consent form. 

10 Considerations for Audiologists When Resuming Services During COVID-19
Some ethical issues may arise as audiologists begin to return to in-person treatment.

What Should You Do When a Colleague Comes to Work Impaired?
Impaired practitioners can pose significant ethical and legal concerns for colleagues, employers, themselves, clients/patients, and their families.

Pitfalls to Watch for When Using Electronic Health Records
Ethical issues can arise when navigating the use of EHRs in the delivery of hearing and speech-language services. Holding paramount the welfare of your clients/patients should be the guide for examining these ethical considerations.

Top 10 Ethical Considerations in Using Telepractice
Here are the top 10 ethical issues to consider before engaging in telepractice.

COVID-19: Ethical Considerations for Audiologists and SLPs
Frequently asked ethics-related questions during this unprecedented time.

Dos and Don’ts for Clinical Supervisors of Students
ASHA-certified supervisors must abide by the ASHA Code of Ethics (2016).

Avoiding Conflict-of-Interest Situations in Your Practice
Is seeing a student on your school caseload outside the school setting as a private patient a conflict of interest under the Code of Ethics?

2019 Blogs

Can I Post Parents’ Testimonials on My Practice Website?
Social media can be an effective way to promote your services to the public, while also meeting the ethical obligations of patient confidentiality.

Practicing on an Expired License
What are the ethical considerations of practicing without a license? School-based SLPs: Check your state licensure requirements to see if they apply to you.

Do I Discontinue Services for Unvaccinated Clients?
A pregnant SLP wants to discontinue services to a child and her family who are unvaccinated for the measles. Would this be considered client abandonment?

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