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Ethics-Related Articles and Other Information

ASHA Publications

Search ASHA online journals, Perspectives , and The ASHA Leader for excellent resources on ethics-related information.

The ASHA Leader

The Clinical Fellow Licensure Conundrum
A look at relevant issues regarding state licensing boards and insurance providers, which have specific requirements about qualifications, licensure, billing and reimbursement for Clinical Fellows. (November 2016)

What's New in the 2016 Ethics Code?
A look at why and how changes were made and what's different now for ASHA members. (July 2016)

Doing the Right Thing After School
Thinking of taking on private clients outside of school? Follow these steps to start an ethical and legal practice. (7/2016)

Can I? Should I?
ASHA's Code of Ethics (2016) provides guidance to clinicians in a variety of situations. (7/2016)

Sorting Through the Gray
Ethical questions in audiology practice seldom have black-and-white answers; several scenarios identify trouble spots. (7/2016)

9 Upsetting Dilemmas
What happens when someone believes a CSD professional has violated one of the core principles of the ASHA Code of Ethics? (November 2012) 

Navigating Medicaid Services in Schools
When providing services to Medicaid-eligible students, SLPs should consider these documentation and billing aspects. (4/3/2012)

ASHA Website

Ethics in Research
Links to ethics-related resources for researchers.

Ethics Q&A for Schools-Based SLP Practice
Information to assist school-based SLPs in dealing with ethical issues in the school setting.

Managing Employer Demands in Health Care
SLPs working in health care settings may face requests from employers that may or may not be ethically and professionally appropriate. Common "employer demand" scenarios and related resources are provided to help the SLP navigate the ethics of the situation.

Negligent Misrepresentations
Clarification regarding application of Code of Ethics in situations involving misrepresentation, whether intentional or not.

Statements Regarding the AuD
Statements from 1997 by the ASHA Executive Board and Ethical Practice Board regarding use of the AuD designator.

Student Supervision FAQs
Frequently asked questions about student supervision.

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