Tell Congress to Stop Medicare Payment Cuts

January 26, 2024

Take action by telling Congress to stop the Medicare Part B payment cuts that took effect on January 1.

Take Action Now

Despite ongoing advocacy by ASHA and other stakeholders that have significantly reduced these reductions the past three years, Congress has failed to fix the problem.

Audiologists and SLPs who bill Medicare should prepare for an extended period of payment reductions. Request immediate action from your members of Congress to fix Medicare payments retroactive to January 1, 2024, and improve Medicare payment policy by boosting annual payments so they keep pace with inflation.

Permanently addressing these cuts will allow patients and providers to effectively plan for medically necessary care.

Why This Is Happening

Medicare Part B payment cuts are the result of three separate statutory provisions designed to control federal spending:

  1. Budget neutrality,
  2. Statutory "Pay-As-You-Go" (PAYGO), and
  3. Sequestration.

Advocacy efforts by ASHA and others have helped reduce cuts, however provisions will continue to cause payment cuts for audiologists and SLPs without Congressional action this year.


Review ASHA’s Medicare Fee Schedule resources to see current payment rates. Email

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