ASHA Announces 2022 Media Champion Award Recipients

August 26, 2022

(Rockville, MD) The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) announced the recipients of ASHA’s 2022 Media Champion Award today, which is presented to media outlets, ASHA members, and others for outstanding coverage and outreach about communication disorders and the work of communication professionals.

"We thank and honor this year’s recipients for highlighting topics and areas where audiologists and speech-language pathologists play major roles and can make a positive difference,” said ASHA 2022 President Judy Rich, EdD, CCC-SLP, BCS-CL.

ASHA’s 2022 Media Champion Award recipients are listed below:

U.S. News & World Report: For “Talk Tool: Teletherapy Vital for Kids’ Speech Skills During COVID-19,” by Steven Ross Johnson, published December 16, 2021. Johnson consulted several ASHA members and staff for a comprehensive story about the benefits of teletherapy for students with communication disorders during school closures.

Agence France-Presse (AFP): For “What is aphasia? Here’s what you need to know” (published March 30, 2022) and “Masks in class -- how damaging to child development?” (published February 10, 2022). AFP published a primer on aphasia following the announcement of actor Bruce Willis’s diagnosis with the language disorder and compiled expert opinions regarding the effect of mask use on the development of children.

The New Republic: For “What Do Masks Do to Kids?” by Melody Schreiber, published February 7, 2022. The coverage featured the perspectives of childhood development experts concerning children’s mask use.

Florida News Network: For its broadcast coverage about July 4th hearing protection from fireworks. ASHA member Ianthe Dunn-Murad, ScD, CCC-A, shared steps to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Fox 11 – Los Angeles: For its March 4, 2022, coverage of World Hearing Day. ASHA member Marquitta Merkison, AuD, CCC-A, spoke about various ways to protect hearing—and how to identify and prevent hearing loss.

The Pulse: For its November 26, 2021, podcast episode, “Trouble understanding, but your hearing checks out fine. What’s at play?” by Liz Tung. The podcast featured ASHA member Lindsey Jorgensen, AuD, PhD, who spoke about the controversial topic of auditory processing disorder.

Verywell Family: For its May 19, 2022, article, “How Many Words Should My Child Be Saying?” by May Sofi. Sofi interviewed ASHA member Michelle Katsnelson, MS, CCC-SLP, about developmental milestones for children’s speech. The article also referenced guidelines from ASHA.

AARP: For three articles about hearing health that included guidance from ASHA member audiologists:

HealthDay: For its July 13, 2022, article “Finding Their Voice: For Trans People, Vocal Modification Can Be Key,” by Cara Murez. Murez spoke to ASHA member Anna Lichtenstein, MA, CCC-SLP, about her work as a gender-affirming voice modification therapist.

Fox News Digital: For its July 22, 2022, article “Special ed programs in public schools plagued by staffing shortages: Experts,” by Cortney O’Brien. O’Brien interviewed ASHA Associate Director of School Services in Speech-Language-Pathology Stacey Glasgow about the various struggles that have contributed to recent school staffing shortages.

Suzanne Coyle, MA, CCC-SLP: A video of Coyle providing services to an aphasia patient is part of a new word-finding exhibit at the Planet Word Museum, Washington, D.C. Coyle also served as a panelist for an online museum program about aphasia. 

Rinki Desai, MS, CCC-SLP: Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Desai discussed how the disease can affect swallowing—and how SLP services can help. She was interviewed by Contagion Live, Health Leaders, and the Speech Uncensored podcast. She’s also been a regular media source on other swallowing issues, including a recent story on esophageal dysphagia for

Karen McQuaide, AuD, CCC-A: McQuaide has done several broadcast interviews related to World Hearing Day (March 3) and July 4th, where she has shared guidance about hearing health and protection.  

Maria Pomponio, AuD, CCC-A: Pomponio was a significant contributor to AARP’s guide to protecting your hearing and avoiding hearing loss. An active ASHA volunteer, her areas of expertise include adult and pediatric hearing loss, auditory processing disorder, audiologic rehabilitation, and vestibular/balance assessment.

Planet Word Museum, Washington, D.C.: In collaboration with ASHA, the museum developed and launched a new interactive exhibit about word-finding problems. It also held and promoted a related hour-long virtual panel discussion.

Michael Settles: Settles appears in a video that is part of the new word-finding exhibit at the Planet Word Museum. The video shows him receiving therapy for aphasia. Settles also participated in a related online museum-hosted panel discussion.

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