Special Interest Groups Elect New Coordinating Committee Members for 2022-2024 Term

September 3, 2021

Thanks to all SIG affiliates who voted in the 2021 SIG election; with your involvement, we were able to reach an overall voter participation rate of 9.53%.

Congratulations to the following individuals who were elected to SIG Coordinating Committee positions for the 2022-2024 term.

  • SIG 2, Neurogenic Communication: Sarah Sleeter
  • SIG 3, Voice and Voice Disorders: Maia N. Braiden, Miriam R. Van Mersbergen
  • SIG 4, Fluency and Fluency Disorders: Daniel J. Hudock
  • SIG 5, Craniofacial and Velopharyngeal Disorders: Graham C. Schenck
  • SIG 6, Hearing and Balance Sciences: Research and Clinical Applications: Nicholas Stanley
  • SIG 7, Auditory Rehabilitation: Rachel E. Glade
  • SIG 8, Public Health Audiology: Amy N. Boudin, Quintin A. Hecht
  • SIG 11, Administration and Supervision: Anu Subramanian, Shannon M. Van Hyfte
  • SIG 12, Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Jane R. Wegner
  • SIG 14, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: Cavin J. Fertil, Mahchid Namazi
  • SIG 16, School-Based Issues: Julie D. Malone, Kamela P. Rowland
  • SIG 17, Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders: Silvia Martinez
  • SIG 18, Telepractice: Dorothy A. Townsend
  • SIG 19, Speech Science: Jenna S. Luque, Susan Shaiman

For information about the roles and responsibilities of the SIG Coordinating Committees, see the Volunteer Leaders section of the SIG Handbook [PDF].

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